Album Seven: John Denver “Back Home Again”

Album Seven: John Denver "Back Home Again"

As I near the end of sharing ten of the many, many albums that are among my favorites, I almost did not include this one.   It is not that it does not belong on this list, because it absolutely does.  My hesitation came from questioning my ability to adequately explain what this album meant to me as a little girl and what it means to me now as an adult woman.

In my previous blog, I shared how my family’s musical tastes influenced me as a child, and John Denver’s Back Home Again is courtesy of my mom.  The inclusion of this album on my list is a departure from the other artists I chose, and that is part of what makes it so very special to me.  It also is significant, because the first concert I went to was a John Denver show when I was six years old.  I went with my parents and two older sisters, and in the immortal words of John Denver, it was far out!

John Denver was an unassuming bespectacled, folksy singer-songwriter whose music filled our home on a regular basis.  His music is sweet and simple, yet there is a depth to it that is easy to overlook, if you only listen with your ears.  There is an understated beauty to songs, like Follow Me, My Sweet Lady, and Annie’s Song, and there is just such pure joy and innocence in Thank God I’m a Country Boy, Sweet Surrender, and Back Home Again. 

This album takes me back to my childhood like no other album does.  It embodies the peaceful, happy, and optimistic lens that I viewed the world through when life really was kinder and gentler.  When he sang of the mountains and life in the country, I often imagined myself in these gorgeous images that he conjured up.  I still do actually.

I do not want to go back in time, as much as I want to take the present to create the simple life that he sang of on this album in my near future.  To live amongst the trees and hills, with trails out my backdoor to run on, daily visits from deer, and a cozy home with a wraparound porch, would be a dream come true.  If John Denver can create those images in a song, I am betting on myself to create them in reality.  When I do, you can be sure that Back Home Again will fill this special place with music.

That’s another story . . .

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