Gratitude-The Sing-A-Long


It is rare that I go through an entire day without listening to music.  Music is one of my favorite companions wherever I am.  It has the uncanny ability to unearth a treasure trove of memories of all kinds, and it can make the present better and inspire me to dream of a brighter future.  Tonight, it had the ability to bridge the generation gap, and for that, I am grateful.

As I chauffeured my youngest daughter and two of her friends around town, the conversation turned to music.  While I love music, I am not as familiar with some of today’s pop stars as my daughter and her friends are, so, sometimes, it feels like we are out of tune with one another.  We hit all the right notes tonight, though.

Much to my surprise and delight, my daughter’s friends listed Shallow from the soundtrack for A Star is Born as a song that they really like, and I surprised and delighted them by popping in the CD.  Yes; I bought an actual CD!  As the familiar tune and lyrics filled my car, I found myself in the midst of an overwrought sing-a-long, punctuated by laughter.

From there, they fired up Spotify and began a musical rewind that took us from 2018 to the 1980s.  Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.  A medley of Britney Spears’ songs.  A-ha’s Take On Me.  Toto’s Africa.  As the sing-a-long continued, I was grateful for the memories that these songs conjured up, some from when I was the same age as my daughter and her friends, and the new memories we were creating together on a chilly Friday evening.  The music, the laughter, and the singing all blended together in perfect harmony.  Not a bad way to end the day at all.

Just one thing each day . . .



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  1. ❤️ Music can be truly magical in the connections it instigates. Maybe we should introduce a referendum requiring Congress to play some music at the start of every day. I really wonder how it would make their lives and work much better!!

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