Every season has something special to offer. Winter serves up cold weather that is conducive for hibernating at home in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot tea or hot cocoa to warm us up from head to toe. Spring is a time of beautiful renewal, as the landscape bursts into a sea of colorful flowers and foliage. Summer beckons us outside for some fun in the sun, and the days become brighter and longer. Then, there is fall.

While I enjoy each season, fall stands out from all of the others. Cooler temperatures. The changing colors of the leaves. The return of football and basketball. Wearing warm, comfy clothing. Halloween. Thanksgiving. I love everything about it, and today left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for my favorite season.

It was a stunning fall day here in Kentucky. The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue, which made the sun look even brighter, and the leaves clinging to the trees were even more vibrant. It was cool enough to wrap up in a cozy sweater, but the warmth of the sun made it comfortable.

As my daughters and I drove along River Road, I took in the Ohio River to our right and open fields and trees to our left, and I felt overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I was grateful to be alive on such a gorgeous fall day, and I gave thanks for all of it.

Just one thing each day . . .

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