Gratitude-Kind Words

Gratitude-Kind Words

I am drawn to words, both those spoken and those written.  Words are powerful, and they have the ability to make or break somebody’s day.  Today, I was very grateful to have been on the receiving end of words that boosted my spirits.

Although I split my time between working from home and two different offices, much of my work is done virtually.  So, I have never met most of my colleagues in person.  We are voices on conference calls and thumbnail pictures attached to emails and instant messages, but throughout the day, several of my colleagues reminded me that we are more than that.

Working virtually presents challenges.  It can feel like being out of sight and out of mind, so, we have to be intentional in creating and maintaining connections with one another.  I was really grateful that some of my colleagues took time out of their day to connect with me.  One complimented a presentation that I had done, while another thanked me for some assistance that I was able to provide for her.  Still, another colleague thanked me for the work I had done with her as part of a committee, and she added that she has enjoyed getting to know me on both a professional level and a personal level.

Their kind words and compliments were short, really sweet, and very much to the point.  They made me feel appreciated and valued, and I felt a renewed sense of purpose in my work.  Words matter, and their kind words mattered the most to me today.  I am grateful for the work that I do and for the people I am fortunate enough to work with, and I appreciate the fact that they made sure to let me know that they feel the same way.

Just one thing each day . . .

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