Gratitude-Small Acts of Kindness

Today had all of the makings for an average day.  I woke up, still feeling a bit under the weather, and the actual weather was cold and overcast.  I felt like pulling the covers over my head, but I got up and went about my usual routine at home and at work.  I did not have high expectations for what the day would bring, as I just wanted to get through it.  Thanks to the kindness of others that punctuated my day, though, it ended up being a day that left me with a grateful heart.

More and more, I am realizing that small acts of kindness are actually a big deal, as they can transform an entire day.  Each of these kind acts boosted my spirits and even made me feel better physically.

I am grateful for the person who held the door open for me at work.  I am a sucker for good manners, and I appreciated this kind gesture, especially because the person who held open the door did so with a smile on his face and greeted me warmly.  I don’t know who he was, but I know that his polite gesture went a long way.

I am grateful for one of the stylists who gave me a chocolate chip cookie during my hair appointment this evening.  To say that I love sweets is an understatement, especially when the sweets hail from one of my favorite local places, Please & Thank You.  I was not this particular stylist’s client, but that did not stop her from giving me a delicious treat.  It made my stomach and heart happy.

I am grateful for the nice text I received from someone special to me.  As I read the unexpected message, my whole face lit up, and I am still smiling actually.

I am grateful to the mechanic who checked my tire pressure.  When I started my car this morning, I started to panic a bit when I saw a warning light shining brightly.  It alerted me that there was an issue with my tire pressure.  I hoped that my tires simply needed some air, but I feared that one of them had a leak and would go flat.  I was grateful to the mechanic who offered me immediate assistance the minute I pulled into the service station and had me back on the road moments later.  There was no leak, and there was no charge for the service.  Win-win!

I am grateful for these acts of kindness and much more, and I am already looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.  For now, though, I will enjoy what remains of this day and continue to give thanks for it.

Just one thing each day . . .


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