TGIF!  I always am grateful when Friday rolls around, and today, I was especially grateful for a variety of reasons.

I am grateful that there was no line in the Starbucks’ drive through lane this morning.  I do not drink coffee, but I do drink tea.  I love to begin my day with a cup of hot green tea, and one of the places that serves it up right is Starbucks.  I don’t stop there every morning, and some mornings, when I do stop by, the line is too  long, and I leave empty-handed.  Not this morning, though.  This morning, I arrived to find that the line wasn’t too line, because there was no line at all.  It was a Christmas in November miracle! As I cradled the venti holiday cup that held my hot tea, I sipped it with lots of love and gratitude.  It was a great way to get this Friday started.

I am grateful that I have a job that does not leave me white knuckling it every week until Friday arrives.  Make no mistake; I look forward to my time away from work, but I don’t feel the need to escape my job.  More often than not, Friday signals the end of a productive and satisfying week at work, and I feel a sense of pride and contentment when I log off for the weekend.  I am grateful for the weekend, and I am grateful to have such a great job waiting for me on Monday.

I am grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  I have such immense love and appreciation for my friends, and I am so grateful to have been able to reconnect with two old friends and forge a more meaningful relationship with them.  This afternoon, as we exchanged texts, I alternated between smiling and laughing out loud, and my heart was happy and full.  We made plans to get together soon, and I already am looking forward to it.  They are my people, and I am grateful for their gift of friendship.

I am grateful for my mom’s help with a last-minute carpool request.  When my youngest daughter unexpectedly needed a ride home after school, without hesitation, my mom stepped in to save the day.  I am grateful that my parents live locally and are always ready, willing, and able to help my daughters and me, when needed.  There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for them, but I hope that they know how much they mean to my daughters and to me.

I am grateful to be spending this cold evening at home.  As much as I enjoy socializing, I also thoroughly enjoy my own company.  Sometimes, I crave time to myself, and it feels good to be able to satisfy that craving this evening.  I am grateful to be home alone.

The week may have come to an end, but my gratitude continues.  There truly is good in every day, not just Fridays, if only you look for it.  I definitely found it today.

Just one thing each day.  . .

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