This day finds me feeling so grateful for a number of reasons.  A peaceful Sunday morning at home.  A balance of productivity and relaxation throughout the day.  Being able to fix a few things around the house without any assistance.  Calls and texts with my daughters.  Catching up with a friend.   As thankful as I am for all of these people and things, there is something, or rather a special group, for whom I am most thankful on this day.  Veterans,

As we commemorate Veterans Day today, I find myself at a loss for words with how to convey to my appreciation for the service and sacrifices of our veterans.  How do we possibly thank the men and women who were willing to risk everything, including their lives, to serve and protect our country and its citizens? We simply cannot, but we must try, today and every day, in words, kind deeds, and measures to support their mental and physical health and well-being.   They deserve that and so much more.

It is interesting, though, how many veterans do not view themselves as heroes or people deserving of our thanks.  One such veteran once told me that the reason he is a bit uncomfortable when thanked for his service is because he viewed it as his duty.  He was humble and grateful for what the military gave to him.  A career.  The fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  The ability to support his family.  The opportunity to explore the world.  While all of those are benefits indeed, it still does not negate everything that veterans gave in exchange for them.  Their service is truly priceless.

I am grateful beyond measure for our veterans, and I also am grateful for their families who supported them and managed things on the home front.  When someone joins the service, their family does, too.  So, let’s be sure to honor their loved ones, as well.  Although it does not suffice, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our veterans and their family members.  It is because of you that we still live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Never forget.

Just one thing each day . . .

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