Gratitude-Weathering Storms

Gratitude-Weathering Storms

Last night, as the songs and scenes from Bohemian Rhapsody swirled in my head, I was brought back to reality with what sounded like a very loud clap of thunder.  Only it wasn’t thunder at all.  Freezing rain and sleet had moved into the area earlier in the evening, so, as I made my way down the stairs to detect the source of the booming sound, I held my breath a bit.  I was not sure what I find, but I feared the worst.  As soon as I peered out the back door, though, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I discovered that a very large limb from the tree that stands guard in our backyard had buckled under the weight of the ice and fallen on the deck.  Other than pulling the AT & T line loose from the house, there was no other significant damage.  I was able to move the limb and went to bed breathing easier and feeling grateful, and that gratitude continued as soon as I opened my eyes.

I am grateful that the power came back on overnight.  I didn’t know that the power ever went out, but the blinking clocks on both the microwave and stove gave away that little secret.  I don’t know when we lost power, but I do know that I was relieved and grateful to wake up to find that it was on.  Let there be light!

I am grateful that I was able to clear away the other large limbs that littered the backyard and blocked the garage and back gate by myself.  Over the weekend, I felt a bit overwhelmed by a few household repairs that needed to be done, and I was ready to give up before I even tried.  Much to my delight, I successfully made the repairs without doing any damage to my home or myself.  I felt a similar sense of deep satisfaction and pride, as I hoisted heavy, icy limbs in the dark to clear off the driveway and gate, and I did it on my own, in red polka dot fleece pajamas nonetheless.

I am grateful that I had a safe commute to work.  Although I think that I have mad driving skills, I also know my limits.  Driving in icy conditions is not my forte.  So, I allowed extra time for the drive and braced myself for treacherous roads.  I gave thanks that my route was unobstructed by ice or debris from fallen trees and limbs, and I even had enough time to treat myself to a cup of hot green tea on the way.

I am grateful that the AT & T service technician was able to restring the line without any issues and that I never lost service.  In the big picture, losing internet, cable tv, or telephone service is only a minor inconvenience, but it still was nice not to be inconvenienced.

I am grateful to come home to find that all of the fallen limbs were gone.  Before work, I sent a text to my lawn care person, and I asked him if limb removal was something that he could help with the next time he was here.  He immediately reassured me that he would take care of it, so, I was not surprised that he was true to his word.  I was surprised, though, that he ventured out into the cold and freezing rain and completed this request today.

I am grateful that the freezing rain changed over to light snow this afternoon.  I love how pretty and peaceful the world becomes when it snows, and my usual commute home was magically transformed.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, at least, until I need to head out in the morning.

I am grateful for the lessons that storms, both literal and figurative, have to offer, if only the student is ready. The ice man cometh indeed, but I was prepared for him.

Just one thing each day . . .

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