Giving Thanks 2019

Giving Thsnks 2019

Although some retailers would have us believe otherwise, we are not in the midst of the Christmas season. Not yet, Santa, not yet. Before we deck the halls with boughs of holly or anything else for that matter, don our gay apparel, or plan a rendezvous under the mistletoe, let us pause the holiday hoopla for another month, so, that we may honor one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving.

While some people regard Thanksgiving as merely a brief pit stop on the way to the more anticipated and celebrated holidays that are housed in the month of December, I anxiously await the arrival of Thanksgiving. It’s a sort of calm before the proverbial holiday storm of shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, and celebrations, both big and small. Thanksgiving revolves around food, family, friends, and, of course, giving thanks. What’s not to love?!

My love of this holiday can no longer be contained to the last Thursday of November, either. One day of giving thanks is definitely not enough, which is why I have made it a practice to give thanks every day. It is that daily practice that inspired the tradition of dedicating my blog to giving thanks during November. So, throughout this month, I will be sharing moments of gratitude here, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, starting with one such moment from today.

Today, I am grateful for a tradition that began when my two teenage daughters were much younger. While one of them is away at college now, my other daughter and I upheld our Friday night tradition of having pizza for dinner. As delicious as the pizza was, my gratitude extended beyond my plate and nourished my heart and soul.

I am thankful for this time with my daughter to catch up at the end of a long week and to begin to settle into the more relaxed pace of the weekend. It’s these little moments that I savor more than the food, and on this first day of November, I am definitely full of gratitude. . .and pizza.

Just one thing each day. . .

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  1. Reading your blog reiterates my own state of humbleness. Now that I have completed nursing education and post-graduate training, I have finally begun to settle internally. I am able to focus on the simpler aspects of life and lavish in the company of family, close friends, and colleagues. 2019 has definitely been a year of gratitude! Thank you sharing, Kristi:)

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