The Eyes Have It

Of all of the medical appointments that I schedule throughout the year, there’s one that I dread a bit more than the other ones. Can you guess which one? Oncology? Gastroenterology? Gynocology? None of the above actually.

The appointment that fills me with a sense of dread is my annual ophthalmology visit. Surprised? I am, too, somewhat, as it defies any logical explanation. Other than wearing corrective lenses for astigmatism, I have always had healthy eyes. Yet, every year, I arrive for my eye exam feeling like an ill-prepared student. Fortunately, every year, I pass, and after today’s appointment, my streak remains intact.

Today, I find myself being thankful for my eyes and the gift of eyesight. This gift is one that truly keeps on giving. I was able to see my boyfriend’s sweet smile to start my day. I watched my daughter’s face light up, as she regaled me with stories. I saw some dear friends while out to lunch. I took in the beauty of the leaves in various hues of reds and yellows. I watched the cloud formations swirl against the blue backdrop of the fall sky. I read words that resonated with me and inspired me. I witnessed two deer running in a wooded area. Simple sights, yet each one, along with all of the other ones not mentioned here, created the beautiful patchwork of my day.

At one point, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the bathroom mirror. As I stared at the two small brown eyes peering back at me, I felt a sense of awe and appreciation wash over me for this gift that I often take for granted. I am glad that my eyes were wide open today indeed, and I intend to keep them that way.

Just one thing each day. . .

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