TGIS-Thank God It’s Sunday

Monday has a lock on the most maligned day of the week, with Sunday becoming the warm up act for the dreaded first day of the week. This designated day of rest morphed into the death knell of the weekend and the advent of the Sunday blues. Then, a shift began.

I don’t know when or how, but suddenly and subtly, Sunday rebranded itself. Welcome to the rise of Sunday Funday! After countless Sundays spent lamenting the end of the weekend and the return to school or work, I began to change how I view and spend this seventh day of the week.

I got on board with making Sunday a day to look forward to and a positive springboard for the week to follow. My Sundays have become a delightful blend of relaxing, having fun, and getting ready for a new week. I finally kicked the Sunday blues to the curb!

On this first Sunday of November, I find myself feeling thankful for a number of things, and the day is not even over yet:

The extra hour of sleep courtesy of the end of Daylight Savings Time.

Bright sunshine and cloudless blue skies.

My parents’ 57th wedding anniversary.

NFL games. Go Vikings!

My boyfriend’s calls and texts that make me feel connected to, and very loved by, him.

Hot chicken noodle soup for lunch served by, and enjoyed with, my daughter.

Time to curl up with a good book.

An upcoming walk with my daughter.

I am thankful for this Sunday indeed and excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

Just one thing each day. . .

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