Take It to the Mat

Take It to the Mat

Two years ago, one of my colleagues invited several people from work to join her for Yoga Nidra.  I did not know what Yoga Nidra was, but I knew that I was in need of the relaxation and reduction in anxiety and stress that she spoke of when explaining it to us.  I was all in then, and I still am now.

Although I will not take myself to the yoga mat until later this evening, I already feel a great sense of gratitude anticipating what awaits me in that sacred, safe place across town.

I am grateful for my fellow yogis who never fail to offer a warm welcome and acceptance to all who enter.

I am grateful to have a safe haven to retreat to from the rest of the world.

I am grateful that the benefits from Yoga Nidra don’t begin and end on the mat, as I take the lessons with me every time.

I am grateful to my colleague and friend for introducing me to a practice that has been part of transforming my life.

I am simply grateful.


Just one thing each day . . .

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