Here’s to Good Health

The Memories feature on Facebook provides a daily trip down memory lane. Sometimes, looking back at those past pictures and events is a most pleasant trip indeed. Other times, doing so can be a painful journey into the past that leaves me feeling anything but pleasant or nostalgic. One of today’s memories provided a bit of both, but I am still thankful for it.

Four years ago today, I underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from my left breast, along with some nearby lymph nodes for good measure. I went into surgery both wanting answers, yet not wanting to know, for fear of what awaited me. For the first time, I was more afraid of waking up from surgery than I was of the surgery itself.

I am grateful that my surgeon immediately greeted me with the news that he was able to remove the tumor and clean up the margins around it and that my lymph nodes were clear. It was music to my ears! My fear, although a constant companion throughout treatment, began to subside a bit and was replaced by a renewed sense of gratitude that remains with me today.

I am grateful for all of the healthcare providers who have supported and guided me from the moment I heard the words, “I am sorry; you have breast cancer.”

I am grateful for the love, care, and concern of my family and friends who have given me the strength and courage to face every fear and challenge.

I am grateful that my daughters no longer live in constant fear that I am going to lose my life and that I am still here to love them.

I am grateful for my faith, as it has sustained me during all of the ups and downs.

I am grateful for my fellow cancer warriors who continue to provide me with a level of acceptance, understanding, and irreverent humor that only they could provide.

I am grateful for every single day, even the challenging ones, that I am alive and, not only surviving but, finally thriving.

I am grateful for my overall health and well-being, both physical and emotional.

I am grateful for all of these things and so, so much more.

Here’s to good health for each and every one of us!

Just one thing each day . . .

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