Mid-week Moments

It’s the middle of what has been a rather quiet week so far, in that nothing out of the ordinary has happened at home or at work. Sometimes, after becoming accustomed to prolonged periods of chaos and the stress and anxiety that go with it, such moments can seem foreign and a bit unsettling, as we wait for what comes next.

As I made my way through the day, instead of worrying about when this relatively calm period may end, I focused on enjoying it to the fullest. It turns out that there’s a lot to be grateful for, no matter how seemingly small.

I am grateful that I live in a mid-size city that provides some of the bells and whistles of a big city, while having a small town feel. My commute downtown is generally free from problematic traffic, and it’s not uncommon to see a familiar face, no matter what part of the city I find myself. We have a growing number of cultural, culinary, and athletic offerings, and new economic developments abound. It’s not perfect, but there truly is no place like home.

I am grateful that when my daughters and I cannot be together in person that we stay connected through sweet and funny texts throughout the day. I miss them whenever we are apart, but thanks to technology, they are only only a phone call and a text away.

I am grateful for the people who work on the same floor of the office building that I do. We work for separate companies and do not have a great deal of contact with one another, but seeing their smiles and exchanging pleasantries with them brightens my day and provides me with a sense of connection to others.

I am grateful for the little touches throughout the day that gave me a bit of a boost. Hot tea in one of my favorite mugs. The scenic view of downtown and the Ohio River from my office. Texts from family and friends. Aveda Hand Relief cream and Stress Fix oil. A super soft and cozy sweater. All of these small things made a big difference in how I made my way through this Wednesday.

I am grateful that every single day John tells me and shows me unconditional love and acceptance, no matter whether we are apart or together. He backs up his words with actions, and his thoughtfulness continuously touches my heart. I am especially grateful that today is one of those days that will end with us together.

Mid-week slump? Hump Day ho-hum? Not today, for today was saved by the practice of being grateful . Now, on to tomorrow with a grateful heart.

Just one thing each day. . .

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