I grew up firmly a dog person. My parents, sisters, and I were fortunate enough to love, and be loved by, several sweet dogs over the years. Hilda. Churchill. Annie. Each one left paw prints on our hearts and sweet memories in our minds.

We never had a cat, and truth be told, we didn’t particularly like them. At all. I viewed them as aloof and unfriendly, and I found myself a bit scared of, and intimidated by, them. I could not imagine having a cat. Ever.

Then, in the most subtle of ways, on little cats’ feet, on the day I returned from my honeymoon, I opened my heart and home to my first cat and was immediately smitten. Thus, began my transformation into a cat person. Although given my love and affection for our two current cats, crazy cat lady may be more fitting.

So, today, and every day actually, I am grateful for our cats, Peanut and Callie. They may have been rescued as kittens, but in reality, they are the ones who rescued our family in so many ways. Constant companionship. Antics that leave us laughing. Unconditional love. Affection.

No matter what’s happening in our lives, how we look, how we feel, or anything else, Peanut and Callie are always there for us. They listen to us, cuddle us, cheer us up, and simply make life all the sweeter and brighter.

Thanks, Peanut and Callie, we love you!

Just one thing each day. . .

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