New Year, Same Fear

Happy belated New Year! I am getting this in, just under the wire, as January fades into February. In some ways, this first month of 2020 feels like it has lasted at least six months, but in other ways, it seems impossible that the first month of the new year is over already. But it is. 2020 is moving full steam ahead.

As I reflect on the last 31 days and prepare for the next month, I am revisiting the goals and intentions that I wrote on my heart and in my journal to start the new year and decade. There has been progress in some areas and setbacks in others. One thing separates the successes from the challenges. Fear. The same old fears.

The fear of failure. The fear of what people may think. The fear of letting myself and others down. The fear of life throwing me yet another curve ball.

Fear permeated some of my carefully constructed intentions and held them hostage. Every time I took a step forward and stumbled, fear was there to scoop me up and convince me to retreat. It was a deafening, “I told you so.” Instead of persisting and moving forward, I would retreat and start over repeatedly. It was a vicious cycle. Until now.

I may be a slow learner, but I do learn. Eventually. With fear as a teacher, I remain committed to my 2020 goals and intentions and breaking the stranglehold that fear has had on them. It’s progress, not perfection, fear or no fear.

That’s another story. . .

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