Leap Year

2020 isn’t just any ordinary kind of year. It’s a leap year! As a little girl, today meant one thing and one thing only, my dear friend Laura’s birthday. I later learned that the purpose of a leap year is to sync the calendar with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun. My non-scientific mind still prefers to think of it as Laura’s special day, though.

In addition to celebrating Laura, I thought about what else I would do with this extra day. It felt like I should do something grand and exciting with an extra 24 hours. As I pondered my options, my confusion gave way to clarity.

Not every year is a leap year, but every day is an extra day. No day is promised or guaranteed, so, every single day that greets us when we wake up is a bonus day. And with each new day comes new opportunities and challenges and decisions how to spend this gift of time. So, how will you spend it?

So far, I have spent my bonus day reveling in the simplest of pleasures. Starting the day with my boyfriend before his flight. Grocery shopping before the store became crowded with other shoppers. Exercising and feeling my body respond to being challenged. Eating a bowl of delicious oatmeal topped with blueberries. Getting pampered at the hair salon. Sipping hot tea on a frigid morning. Feeling the sun’s warmth through my windows. Driving my car while listening to my favorite music. Hearing from my daughters and knowing that they are safe, happy, and well. Hanging out with my sweet cats in the comfort of my cozy, little home. Reflecting on the past month and planning for the new month ahead. Envisioning what the rest of this leap year may hold.

It may not be the most exciting or creative way to spend February 29, but it has left me feeling content and happy. It also has reminded me that while the newness of the new year may be long gone, there is still time to live fully and intentionally. It’s time to leap, and what better day to do so than today?!

That’s another story. . .

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