Think (and Live) Outside The Box

Catchphrases are, well, catchy. They tend to be short, straight to the point, and memorable. Some are motivating. Just do it. Some are instructive. Make it work. Some are inquisitive. Where’s the beef? And some are downright dismissive. Sashay away.

Some catchphrases come and go, and others have a long shelf life. Think outside the box is one that has stood the test of time. This classic catchphrase first caught my attention during a time when everyone everywhere seemed to be trying to think outside some sort of invisible box.

This past year has been one of great challenges that necessitated even greater changes. If ever there were a time to think outside the box, this was it. And then some.

At first, as I adapted to all the changes, I longingly looked forward to when life would return to normal. As the weeks turned into months and the months turned into a year, my mind wandered further and further outside the box, and the rest of me followed.

Thinking outside the box can only get me so far.  I am no longer just thinking outside the box; the box no longer even exists.  I now need to take it one step further and learn how to live outside the box. And so here I am.

As talk of a post-pandemic world slowly picks up steam, I have found myself feeling a mixed bag of emotions. Cautious optimism. Hope. Anxiety. Excitement. Trepidation. I tend to excel at conjuring up lots of thoughts outside of the box, but at times, I struggle to put those thoughts into action. Time waits for no-one, though, so, the time to think and live outside the box is now. Right now.

These last twelve months have given me greater clarity about the people, pursuits, and interests that matter most in my life. It has given me the resolve to live in a more authentic way that puts the health and well-being of my family and myself front and center, instead of waiting in the wings. Someday is today.

Professionally, this means reconfiguring how I work and the work I do currently and in the future. Personally, this means following my heart’s desires more and paying closer attention to my intuition, without overanalyzing and over thinking. It feels, at times, like performing on a high wire without a safety net, but I am leaning to trust in myself and the process with each step and make my way across to the other side.

Change always starts with a thought, but it doesn’t end there. Our thoughts can either keep us inside the box or rip the lid off of it, freeing us at last. I am not sure what the rest of 2021 will bring, but I know where I will be. You can find me living fully outside the box.

That’s another story. . .

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