Giving Thanks 2021

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Like many people, I am reflecting on what I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. This is a practice that I engage in daily, but it takes on greater meaning on the day dedicated to gratitude. It also feels challenging, as we continue to experience adversity in many forms, such as the pandemic, social injustice, and political divisiveness. On a more personal level, it may be hard to focus on gratitude in the face of the loss of loved ones, financial hardships, health issues, or job loss.

In 5 Ways to Feel Gratitude in Challenging Times, I acknowledged that sometimes, and some years, it may be difficult to focus on gratitude. Today may be one of those days, and this may be one of those years. When we realize it is not only possible to embrace gratitude during challenging times, but that is also is necessary to do so, we can invite gratitude to have a seat at the table today and every day.

Whether you feel as if you have more to be grateful for than you could ever possibly count or feel as if you cannot think of a single thing to be grateful for today, just know that the fact that you are still here is reason enough to be grateful. Gratitude is not a competition, and Thanksgiving Day is not the only day we can express our gratitude. So, go easy on yourself. If you can’t be grateful for everything, that’s okay. Just be grateful for something, no matter how small, because sometimes, those small things are everything. A smile from a stranger. The sunrise. A safe home. Water.

As I review this past year, I take note of all the ups and the downs. I am grateful for the triumphs and successes, and I am grateful that I got through the difficulties and losses. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am able to give thanks for many things. The love and support of my family and friends. Being able to work from home. COVID-19 vaccinations. Books. Pearl Jam’s rescheduled 2020 tour.

2021 has had moments of immense joy and moments of heart wrenching sadness. The situations may have changed and evolved, but through it all, gratitude has been present. I am committed to both honoring my feelings and keeping an open mind and heart to being grateful for everything each day, especially when it is hard to do. Happy Thanksgiving!

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