Thanksgiving Every Day: How Gratitude Attracts More Abundance

Photo Credit: Utterly Positive

Happy Thanksgiving!  Yes; you read that right.  Happy Thanksgiving!  No; I am not late in extending my 2021 Thanksgiving greetings or excessively early in extending my 2022 Thanksgiving greetings.  I meant to wish you Happy Thanksgiving today. 

While many people have finished off the last of the leftover turkey and retired everything pumpkin spiced in favor of the next round of holidays, the giving of thanks has no end actually. 

Why designate only one day of the year for giving thanks? We actually have the ability to make every day a Thanksgiving Day of sorts.  When we intentionally focus on the good in our lives and remind ourselves to show gratitude for what we already have, we can attract even more of what we want. 

These are five ways that showing gratitude attracts even more abundance into our lives:

  • We become thankful for the little things. A positive mindset creates an appreciation for the little things. When we learn to recognize and be thankful for the little things in life, our quality of life improves and our awareness of how fortunate we are increases.  A kind word from a stranger.  The aroma of coffee or tea brewing.  The sight of a loved one.  The taste of our favorite meal.  The warmth and softness of a cozy sweater against our skin. These little things can really mean a lot on any given day.
  • We become able to spot a good opportunity easily.  When we reflect on the fortunate events in our lives, we train our mind to seek out and recognize other opportunities. What we focus on is what we attract more of, so, we need to be aware of what we pay attention to each day.  We find what we seek.
  • We become even more generous. When we are thankful for what we have, we are more likely to look for opportunities to help someone else in need.  Even what seems like the smallest efforts could make a world of a difference in someone else’s life.  Volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.  Donating food to a local food bank.  Adopting or fostering an animal in need.  Running errands for an elderly neighbor or family member.  Whenever we have the chance to help someone else, we need to do it.
  • We become motivated to reach higher. We appreciate life more intensely when we are grateful. We see each day as another chance to explore new possibilities, to learn, to grow, and to do better.  We realize that we can be grateful for where we are, yet still desire to reach for more.
  • We become more considerate of others. When we are grateful and genuinely happy, we tend to treat others with greater consideration and kindness.  Our own happiness is magnified when we help to bring more joy to others.  Again, it is those little acts that can make someone’s day.  Hold the door open for someone.  Let another car in front of you.  Say thank you to the sales clerk.  There are opportunities to infuse kindness and consideration into every interaction we have with others throughout our day, so, take advantage of these moments.

So, while we may still be stuffed from the Thanksgiving feast, we can always make room on our plates for more goodness and gratitude in our lives.  We also can serve up both to the people in our lives and make every day a day of thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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