5 Ways to Spring into Action

The arrival of spring leads to thoughts of sunnier days, warmer weather, and increased motivation to emerge from hibernation to tackle tasks. As we look around us, it may seem like everyone is in the throes of spring cleaning and has a renewed pep in their step. Some of us may be raring to go, while others may be a little slower to shake off the winter doldrums.

If you find yourself feeling buried under the weight of tasks on your to do list and feeling anything but re-energized or motivated, there’s no need to resume hibernation mode.  These are some strategies to increase motivation and energy this spring: 

  1. Find peace in the garden. If you like to garden, it’s time to explore the changes that fall and winter brought to your planting spaces. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or not, you can look forward to feeling increased tranquility when you’re raking, planting, and weeding.  Gardening is good for your body, mind, and spirit and will support other areas of your life.
  2. Deepen connections with your family. Make time to listen to what your children and partner want to do now that spring is here and focus your emotional energy on your loved ones. Working on a project with your family, instead of alone, is a great way to deepen your connection and even have some fun.
  3. Reach out. Ask for an emotional or physical boost from a family member or close friend to complete tasks. Maybe, your mother loves to paint or your friend is a master at organizing drawers and cabinets and could offer tips to you or join you in getting the job done.   There is no shame in acknowledging that you feel challenged to get motivated. The people who care about you are there to help you, so, embrace the support and love you receive from them.
  4. Help yourself.  Each week, plan to complete at least one task on your list, no matter how small. This builds momentum to achieve another goal. Give yourself permission and enough emotional space to take it slowly, and you will end up feeling accomplished.
  5. Reward yourself for progress. As you complete those tasks that you have been putting off, remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments.  If your mom helped you paint your kitchen, invite her over for dinner.   When you and your partner spend a day cleaning up the yard or sprucing up the garage, enjoy a night out the following weekend.   You will be continuously motivated to complete more of those spring tasks when you take the time to recognize and reward yourself for what you’ve accomplished.

Some of us will get more charged up about spring’s arrival than others. Remind yourself that it’s okay to move forward at your own pace. Whether you go after your goals a little bit at a time or all at once, a sense of accomplishment will be there waiting for you whenever you are ready to spring into action.

That’s another story . . .

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