No Fooling-It’s Your Responsibility to Have Fun

Full disclosure: April Fool’s Day is not exactly a holiday that I look forward to or celebrate in a special way.  I am not a big fan of practical jokes, but I am a big believer in, and supporter of, having fun. 

Fun is important to our health and well-being, but it tends to be last on our to do list, if it even makes the list at all.  A demanding career, family responsibilities, the pandemic, and crises around the world all demand our time and attention, understandably so. However, we need to understand that making time for fun is essential to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Seriously, we need to make it a point to infuse our lives with a regular dose of fun.

Before dismissing the value of fun and returning to the daily grind, consider some of the ways we can incorporate fun into each day:

  • Wake up a few minutes earlier than usual, in order to indulge in a favorite activity. Go for a walk alone or with a family member or friend.  Head to local coffee shop for a special treat. Dance or sing along to your favorite song.  Listen to your favorite podcast.  Do something, anything, that starts your day on a positive note.
  • Be open to having fun.  Life can give us more than enough reasons to cry, but it also offers us lots of reasons to smile and laugh.  We don’t need to turn a blind eye to the suffering of those around us or to the serious issues we face, but we can hold space for serious and silly things.  Keep an open eye, mind, and heart for whatever lightens your mood.  A funny meme.  A cute animal video. A smile from a stranger. A kind word from a loved one.
  • Genuinely smile.  Smiling really is contagious.  So, extend one to people you see each day, starting with yourself.  Any time you look at yourself in the mirror or catch a glimpse of your reflection, give yourself a big, genuine smile.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself.  Sometimes, we take ourselves far too seriously, so, trade in your inner critic for your inner comedian.  This does not mean to engage in self-deprecating forms of humor, but rather it refers to accepting yourself and looking at the lighter side of our perceived imperfections and mistakes. 
  • Plan fun activities with your family and friends.  As we continue to emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic, it is important to be intentional with having fun with others.  Whether it is resuming an activity like family game night or going on a weekend getaway with friends, it’s time to have some fun in big and small ways.

These are just some of the many, many ways that life can be fun.  Here are some questions we can ask ourselves along the way on the quest to have fun:

  1. What activities do I consider fun?
  2. How can I incorporate more fun into my life?
  3. Why should I make fun an important part of each day?

On this April Fool’s Day, whether you are a merry prankster or someone who is on high alert for possible pranks, I hope that you have fun today and every day.  You deserve it, and you need it!

That’s another story . . .

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