Dad. D.A.D. Dad.

When my girls were toddlers, one of their favorite television shows was Sesame Street.  It was one of my favorites, too, actually.  On this Father’s Day, one of the skits that comes to mind is a brief one that shows different fathers and their children together.  There was no dialogue, only a song.  I don’t remember the words of the song, but it had a catchy refrain, Dad. D.A.D. Dad.

The refrain was, and still is, a simple earworm that conjures up sweet memories, and all of these years later, I find myself viewing that skit through a different lens.  Nowhere in the song, or among the images, is there ever a distinction made among the dads, as to how they came to be called dad.  Absent are the labels and descriptors, such as biological or birth father, adoptive father, step-father, father figure, etc.  They are all simply dads.

That may seem like nothing more than semantics to some people, or maybe, identifying how someone comes to be called dad is deemed necessary by others.  I definitely am not here to speak for any dad, much less all dads, but I can speak to my gratitude for those who have the honor of being referred to as dad.

I appreciate the love, support, and guidance my dad has given to me, and I am fortunate that I can spend time with him later today.  I am grateful that my ex-husband has helped to raise our daughters.  I am thankful that my extraordinary husband loves all of our children and is such a wonderful presence in all of our lives. I also am so proud of the many other amazing dads who have been there for their children and who have been father figures to others, including me.

Today is all about dads.  All dads.  Thank you, and Happy Father’s Day!

That’s another story . . .

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