Month: August 2022

Q & A with KJ

While life coaching may seem like a relatively new field, it actually began in the 1980s. Depending on your age, the 1980s may seem like ancient history, or it may seem like a few years ago.  If my limited math skills… Read More ›

Today’s Forecast

Nature is a powerful teacher that offers daily life lessons.  It teaches us that there is beauty all around us in sunrises, sunsets, clouds, plants, and pretty much anywhere we look, if only we pay attention.  The change of the seasons reminds… Read More ›


When I was younger, I used to think that whoever first uttered the phrase, Life begins at fifty, only said this to make themselves, or someone else, feel better about getting older.  Then, I turned fifty and was pleasantly surprised, and grateful, that… Read More ›