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While life coaching may seem like a relatively new field, it actually began in the 1980s. Depending on your age, the 1980s may seem like ancient history, or it may seem like a few years ago.  If my limited math skills are correct, 1980 was actually 42 years ago.  There is even evidence that life coaching first entered the picture in the 1830s.

I first heard about life coaching around 2005, and since then, I have worked with life coaches periodically.  Life coaching helped me to explore career options, gain clarity on my life’s purpose, cultivate a healthier mindset, and create sustainable changes to support my physical and emotional health and well-being.  Ultimately, these positive experiences piqued my interest in becoming a life coach myself.

Along the way, I had lots of questions about life coaching, and other people had questions of their own.  So, I compiled a list of some of these questions and my corresponding answers to shed some light on this:

  • How does being a Life Coach differ from being a therapist?  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor, I diagnosed and treated mental health conditions.  As a Life Coach, I provide more goal-oriented services that focus on the present and the future.  
  • What do you do as a Life Coach?  I partner with people to help them clarify their goals, identify what is working well and what is not working as well as it could, and create and maintain healthier thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Why wouldn’t someone just go to a family member or friend for support?  As a Life Coach, I provide unconditional support and acceptance for others and offer objective feedback.  Family members and friends are not always able to provide unbiased feedback or the support that is needed, or they may not know how to assist you with the challenge you are facing.  
  • Who needs a Life Coach?  Anyone who needs support in managing personal or professional changes, navigating life transitions, and challenging and changing the thoughts, feelings, and actions that may get in the way of achieving their goals and living life to the fullest.
  • How can you be a Life Coach, if your life is not perfect?  I will be the first one to say that my life is not perfect, because I don’t believe in perfect.  Perfection does not exist, because it is an arbitrary, subjective concept.  What one person defines as perfect may be viewed as imperfect by another person.  I have faced many challenges, such as infertility, divorce, anxiety, depression, breast cancer, and relationship issues, and I used some of the same techniques and skills that I help others implement to survive and then thrive.  My life continues to evolve, and I am a work in progress.
  • Are you the right Life Coach for me?  Maybe.  It can feel awkward to reach out to a stranger for support, and I have been there myself when I have sought help from life coaches and therapists.  Like any relationship, it takes time to build trust and to feel comfortable, and this is no different.  You can schedule a complimentary 20-minute exploratory call for a conversation about your needs and goals.  
  • How do I learn more about Elev8 Life Coaching?  I invite you to connect with me via my website, Elev8 Life Coachingemail, or social media on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest to discover what Elev8 Life Coaching is all about and who I am. 

I hope that I was able to answer your questions, and I would be happy to answer any other ones and to provide more information. I am passionate about helping people to elev8 their lives, and I am ready to take the first step with you!

That’s another story . . .

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