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I am a perfectly flawed, big hearted southern girl who dreams big and who is changing myself and the world one day at a time . . .

  • Leaving the Past in the Past

    The theme of change that began in 2017 has continued in 2018.  Fortunately, unlike the unwelcome and unexpected changes that dotted last year, so far, this year’s changes have been pleasant surprises.  Unfortunately, I have been acting like it is 2017… Read More ›

  • Chump Change

    I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. But I do claim to have surrounded myself with some of the finest cutlery there is. Figuratively, of course, as I am culinarily clueless. I am referring to my… Read More ›

  • Told You So

    After a week of weather more like Seattle than Louisville, yesterday’s respite from the rain felt like an early Easter present. With temperatures in the low to mid-60s and partly sunny skies, I was ready to break out of my… Read More ›

  • The Year of the Underdog

    Being born and raised in Kentucky predisposed me to a certain affliction, or, some would say, an addiction of sorts.  I prefer to think of it as madness.  More specifically March Madness.  When the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament gets under way,… Read More ›

  • Going Right

    Recently, my amazing friend, Laura, posed the question, What’s going right in your life?  The question was simple and straight forward, yet it has taken me until now to formulate a response.  My delay in answering this question is not an… Read More ›

  • Taking a New Path

    Tomorrow signals the beginning of a new work week, and it also signals the beginning of my new job.  I am grateful and excited about this new opportunity, and I trust that, once again, my heart has led me down… Read More ›

  • All the Small Things

    Life has been going at a breakneck speed since we welcomed the new year. In addition to my usual routine of caring for my daughters and our home and working full-time, I have been hustling to get ready to begin… Read More ›