Irregardless . . .

This is what happens when friends find the humor in the absurd and the ordinary . . .
*Note, the use of the word ‘irregardless’ is intentional and part of the joke, as I am well aware that it is not proper grammar. It is the inspiration for this particular blog and not an indication of my ignorance.

The Boob Job

Many people have that one person in their life who is different from everyone else.  Sometimes, what sets this person apart is positive.  Sometimes, it is negative.  Sometimes, it is just humorous. Irregardless of the hopes and dreams you have… Read More ›

1 + 1 =1

This week, we have been understaffed at the day shelter for homeless men where I work, so, less staff translates to more work for everyone.  So, we have all been very busy, which was noted by one gentleman this afternoon. … Read More ›