Picture This

A picture is worth a thousand words indeed. This is a space to display images of some of the people, places, and things, for which words cannot do them justice.

Waiting on the Rain

Louisville, Kentucky Today feels like the calm before the storm, or after the long, challenging week I had, perhaps, it is the calm following the storm.  Either way, it is the perfect weather for a lazy Saturday, as sometimes, I… Read More ›

Obstacle Course

Thankfully, the local meteorologists’ forecast of rain today has yet to come to light, so, I took full advantage of their mistake and hit the trails for a long run.  It always amazes me how the terrain and scenery along the trails can change,… Read More ›

Saturday Sky

June 29, 2013, Louisville, Kentucky I felt out of sorts today, and the sky seemed to mimic my emotions or vice versa.  Sunshine would give way to rain clouds, then the rain clouds would move aside to let the sun… Read More ›

I Went Back to Ohio

Thanks to traffic, it took me a bit longer than usual to make the trip from Kentucky to Ohio, but it was worth it, since some of my college roommates were waiting to welcome me back “home”.