That’s Another Story

I am a big hearted Kentucky girl who dreams big and who has stories to tell .

Run Along Now

There’s a lot happening on this second day of the month. The Super Bowl. Groundhog Day. The palindrome 02-02-2020. My first trail run of the new year, though, is on the top of my list on this particular Sunday. After… Read More ›

Time to Feast

Recently, I attended a fun and festive holiday party. The celebration did not involve the exchange of gifts, yet I came away with an unexpected gift. During a conversation with a delightful older gentleman, he asked me if I knew… Read More ›

Election Day

I used to be somewhat of a political junkie, as I watched multiple newscasts each day and read the newspaper. Politics both intrigued me and appalled me. When the latter became greater than the former, I began to detach from… Read More ›