That’s Another Story

I am a big hearted Kentucky girl who dreams big and who has stories to tell .

Sophomore Slump

As the time drew nearer to take my oldest daughter back to college for her sophomore year, we began the typical preparations. Buying school supplies. Packing. Finalizing class schedules. Through this preparation period, I began to emotinoally prepare myself for… Read More ›

Flying Lessons

Earlier this summer, a pair of mourning doves took up residence in a well-constructed nest that had been vacated by its previous tenants last year. In real estate, location is everything, and these doves definitely picked a prime location. The… Read More ›

Listen Up

From the moment I uttered my first word, I became a talker. A big talker. My report cards are evidence of this, as they are littered with comments about my verbal prowess. Kristi talks too much. Kristi spends too much… Read More ›

Hair Raising

As individual states continue to implement phases of re-entry into the COVID-19 world, each of us continues to interpret what this means for ourselves and our families. Some of us have bolted out of our homes like a thoroughbred out… Read More ›


When my oldest daughter was in kindergarten, she initiated our first conversation about racism.  As I helped her get ready for a bath, she asked me if I knew who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was.  When I told her… Read More ›