That’s Another Story

I am a big hearted Kentucky girl who dreams big and who has stories to tell .

Making Lifestyle Changes Easier

When it comes to making a change, most people would tell you that they do not enjoy change. Change is not easy, because humans are creatures of habit. We want to maintain predictable patterns, habits, and routines. This provides us… Read More ›

Peaceful Practices

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and peace. As nature awakens from a long winter’s slumber, it yawns and stretches, getting ready for the changing of the seasons. People are cyclical, too, and spring often brings us similar feelings…. Read More ›

I Do, Again

The arrival of February ushers in a month of all things red and heart-shaped. This February also is the month that I will be getting married. . . again. Being a bride again has been a surreal experience, and planning… Read More ›


I was fortunate enough to spend New Year’s Day at a retreat being held in the sacred space of the yoga studio that is special to me.  I was in the company of genuine, beautiful souls, and collectively, we focused… Read More ›