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  • If I Held On

    I planned to spend the evening enjoying a silent night alone at home, when my plans changed somewhat.  I spent it alone, but it was anything but silent.  As I backed out of my driveway to allow my oldest daughter’s… Read More ›

  • Choked Up

    One of my new year’s resolutions for 2018 was to create and maintain more meaningful relationships and connections with people.  My intention was to spend more time interacting with people in person, or, at the very least, in an old-fashioned… Read More ›

  • You Go, Girl

    If I had known that turning fifty would be so much fun, I would have done it years ago.  Seriously, so far, fifty has been a never-ending celebration of one kind or another.  I have attended more birthday celebrations this… Read More ›

  • Tis The Season

    Every year, I await Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day with giddy excitement and anticipation.  The former holiday provides the beautiful opportunity to pause and express our gratitude for the people, places, and things in our lives, while the latter… Read More ›

  • Gratitude-The Lights of My Life

    As I sit, yet once again, savoring the momentary silence that signals that I am home alone, I find myself giddy with anticipation.  It is Thanksgiving Eve, and I am more than ready to welcome back one of my favorite… Read More ›

  • Gratitude-Quiet Time

    ‘Twas the night before the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, there were some creatures stirring, but thankfully, none were a mouse.  With no school in session tomorrow, my two daughters are enjoying time with their friends, which… Read More ›

  • Gratitude-First Things First

    As soon as my alarm went off this morning, my hand went up and hit the snooze button.  While I lingered under the covers, I engaged in an internal dialogue, bemoaning the fact that it was Monday already.  With each… Read More ›