Cultivating Kindness

It is easiest to be positive and kind to myself and others when I am feeling at my best and life is running smoothly, but being positive and kind to myself and others actually is most needed when the opposite… Read More ›

Enough Already

Today, an invisible war raged inside my head and my heart, as anxiety, insecurity, and doubt were like snipers picking off my positive thoughts and beliefs one by one until I was left feeling completely exposed, vulnerable, and defeated.  What… Read More ›

The Cave

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky I spent this afternoon in the company of my ex-husband and our two daughters more than 300 feet beneath the earth’s surface.  To some, this may sound like the storyline for a horror film or a dysfunctional… Read More ›

Being There

As I mentioned in another post, “Pampering is More Than Skin Deep”, I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts, and I could not shake these negative feelings, no matter what I tried.  I employed every coping mechanism I… Read More ›

Help Yourself

I love to read and have books that span the literary landscape, and it comes as no surprise that given my career as a social worker and my personal experiences with depression and anxiety that self-help books have a prominent… Read More ›


One of the lessons that I have learned and embraced that became the inspiration for “Just One Thing Each Day” is that everyone can help someone each day in some way, shape, or form.  Some days, it is easier to… Read More ›