Nine Years of Stories

Nine years ago today, I pushed the publish button for the first time on this site, sending my first blog post out into the world.  That small act was enormously, and equal parts, scary and healing.  I was coming off… Read More ›

One Thousand

Yesterday evening, after I published my latest blog post, I received a notification from WordPress. This was no ordinary notification, either. It was a note congratulating me for publishing my one thousandth blog post. 1,000! I started blogging in June… Read More ›


I usually have something to say, and I would like to think that, whether spoken or written, I can get my point across rather well.  Lately, though, that thought has been challenged.  While I still have a lot to say,… Read More ›

The Surrender

Maybe, you noticed that I have not written very much lately.  Maybe, you didn’t notice at all.  Either way, that’s okay, because I did both.  Some days, I was acutely aware of the lack of content being launched into cyberspace,… Read More ›

Two Years. . .

Two years ago today, with great trepidation and excitement, I published my first blog.  As I think back on that fateful moment and all that has transpired over these past two years, I cannot wrap my brain around everything that… Read More ›