Pay It Forward

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Photo Credit: For the past few days, I have experienced writer’s block or, perhaps, kindness block.  Whatever has had me in a sort of literary limbo, I just now am loosening its grips and…

Help Yourself

I love to read and have books that span the literary landscape, and it comes as no surprise that given my career as a social worker and my personal experiences with depression and anxiety that self-help books have a prominent… Read More ›

Book It

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed reading books.  At times during my life, like during undergraduate and graduate school and when my daughters were infants, I put my reading for pure pleasure aside, as I busied… Read More ›

Miraculous Monday

Gabrielle Bernstein’s most recent book, “May Cause Miracles”, is the common thread for the one thing I did for myself and for someone else today, and it made for a miraculous Monday indeed.  This morning, just as I have every morning… Read More ›