breast cancer


Spoiler Alert:  If you do not want to know the meaning behind the symbol of  a heart being shared on social media, do not read any further.  Stop.  Turn back.  Do not pass go.  Read no further. Disclaimer:  If you… Read More ›

Benign Memories

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook’s feature that displays memories of what you have shared on your profile page.  Some memories make me smile big time, while others make me cringe.  Today’s memory had all been but forgotten, but once… Read More ›

She Won

Normally, when my blog goes silent, it is because I do not have anything that I feel the need to share.  This time, though, is different and definitely not normal, whatever that is.  No, the silence comes from having too… Read More ›

Hope Scarves

When I am asked to do something for someone, I have a tough time turning a deaf ear to their requests.  In this case, though, I did so without hesitation.  Then, I changed my mind. When I received an email from… Read More ›

You’re Fired

This morning, I was on the receiving end of some rather unexpected news.  You’re fired!  No, I did not find myself being dismissed from either my job or from The Apprentice.  Instead, I found myself being summarily fired by my… Read More ›

I Hate Cancer

Once the shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer began to subside, the rollercoaster ride of emotions took off at full speed.  Along the way, I have felt abject fear, profound relief, exhilarating gratitude, immense sadness, great apathy, and pure… Read More ›