Until We Meet Again

I always have feared death.  It makes me uncomfortable.  It scares me.  It leaves me feeling a suffocating pain.  When not faced with death, I can wax philosophically about the faith I have in an afterlife and talk poetically about… Read More ›

Rest in Peace

This morning, I was surprised and frustrated to awaken to find myself feeling completely under the weather.  I had my entire day planned out, and taking a sick day was not among those plans.  I also did not expect to… Read More ›

An Outlaw’s Grief

When I was married, my sisters-in-law, who had also married into the family, and I jokingly referred to ourselves as “outlaws”, instead of in-laws, and my mother-in-law would borrow the title from the 1954 musical, ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, to describe… Read More ›

September 30

There are few days more special to me than September 30, for this day celebrates two of the most extraordinary people in my life-my maternal grandmother and my oldest daughter.  Today is my grandmother’s birthday, and it also is the… Read More ›