Gratitude Gone Wrong

One of the reasons I love November is that it is a month dedicated to gratitude.  As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., we spend the days and weeks leading up to it giving thanks for what we… Read More ›

Today’s Forecast

Nature is a powerful teacher that offers daily life lessons.  It teaches us that there is beauty all around us in sunrises, sunsets, clouds, plants, and pretty much anywhere we look, if only we pay attention.  The change of the seasons reminds… Read More ›


Yesterday, almost immediately upon waking up, I was greeted by a welcoming committee of subtle, yet strong, feelings that were not welcome at all, yet there they were.  Normally, I am able to identify both my feelings and the causes… Read More ›


How are you?  Okay.  Like so many people, this is my go to response when someone inquires about my current state of well-being.  Sometimes, depending on the person posing the question to me and when and where the question is… Read More ›


“I am tired. I am tired. “~Ray LaMontagne (“For the Summer”) Some days, there is no amount of miles, either on the trails or on River Road to separate me from the negative thoughts that reside in my head or… Read More ›