Gratitude, Wonder

As soon as my workday ended, a long holiday weekend began.  My daughters and I decided to kick it off with a trip to the movie theater to see Wonder.  Both of my daughters read the book, Wonder, during their… Read More ›

Down on the Farm

Yesterday morning, when my sweet friend, Heather, invited me to her parents’ farm to go for walk with her, I didn’t hesitate in accepting this gracious invitation.  It was another spectacular Saturday here in Kentucky, and the thought of getting… Read More ›

Being There

As I mentioned in another post, “Pampering is More Than Skin Deep”, I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts, and I could not shake these negative feelings, no matter what I tried.  I employed every coping mechanism I… Read More ›


I recently came across the above quote, and I simply love it, for it sums up my own life’s mission so very well.  It was this quote that inspired me to continue to seek out things to do for myself… Read More ›