grief & loss

It’s a Pandemic, and I’ll Cry if I Want to

I often have said that Oaks Day and Derby Day are an equine version of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for me. The days leading up to them leave me giddy with anticipation and excitement. It’s a whirlwind of festivities… Read More ›

My Kind of Advice

If you read yesterday’s blog, “Closing the Revolving Door“, you know that I am dealing with the end of a significant relationship in my life, and that change has led to a swirl of thoughts and feelings.  Upon waking this… Read More ›


Thank God it’s Sunday!!!  When the new year began, I rediscovered the joys of Sunday being a day of rest, which means I do my best to have as little to do and as few obligations as possible to end… Read More ›

Life Goes On

Shortly after waking up this morning, this phrase popped into my head, “Today is all I have, so, I am going to give it all I’ve got.”  I don’t know where it came from, but the timing of this message… Read More ›