Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Lately, I have been saying aloud, to myself, to my husband, to my cats and to anyone else who might be within earshot, this simple phrase.   I am so happy. This statement pops into my head and out of my mouth, both… Read More ›

Sunday Best

Donning my Sunday best to head out to the trails for a long overdue and much-needed run on this absolutely stunning morning. Moments like these, when I feel happy and content with my perfectly flawed self and my beautifully messy… Read More ›

Sole to Soul

In 2010, I began to trail run as part of my training to complete another half-marathon, and I immediately was smitten with it and continued doing it long after my training ended.  In 2011, I would hit the trails in… Read More ›

Happy Trails

To some, these pictures are merely images from my trail runs in Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky, but to me, these are sacred spaces as holy and revered as any cathedral, temple, mosque, or church in the world.  For mixed… Read More ›