New Year’s Eve

  While it seems from perusing Facebook postings and watching t.v. shows and commercials that the entire world is celebrating New Year’s Eve at a lavish party, at home with family and friends, or some other festive gathering, I find… Read More ›

The Messenger

A year ago today, I was in search of answers, and my quest led me to Beth Ballard, a “messenger”, in Bardstown, Kentucky.  I make a reference to this encounter in the post entitled, “Sweetness Follows”, but I have never… Read More ›

Let the Music Play

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”~Friedrich Nietzsche Roger Waters, June 10, 2012, Louisville, Kentucky I cannot read music or play a musical instrument, and my singing is only passable after a carefully administered dose of liquid courage, but I come by… Read More ›

River Road

Neil Peart, the greatest drummer ever and 1/3 of the band, Rush, lost his daughter in a car accident and his wife to cancer in less than a year’s time. In his remarkable book, “Ghost Rider”, he describes his 55,000… Read More ›