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Making It a Meaningful Monday

I truly believe that Mondays can set the tone for the rest of the week, so, I always start each week with the best of intentions and lots of hope.  This Monday, I knew that I had to face a… Read More ›

Soul Food

I absolutely love surprises!  Actually, let me rephrase that; I absolutely love pleasant surprises.  While I definitely enjoy being on the receiving end of pleasant surprises, I like to pleasantly surprise others even more, especially if it is for no… Read More ›

A Hand Up

Well, this morning, I once again found myself feeling like I was in the middle of a tug war between wellness and illness, but I felt slightly better than I did yesterday morning.  I crawled out of bed and got ready for the day… Read More ›

Super Sunday

This fine Sunday morning began with continued frigid temperatures and light snow showers, which made it so very tempting to stay buried under the covers long after the alarm clock goaded me out of bed.  The early wake up call… Read More ›