Leap Year

2020 isn’t just any ordinary kind of year. It’s a leap year! As a little girl, today meant one thing and one thing only, my dear friend Laura’s birthday. I later learned that the purpose of a leap year is… Read More ›


A few months ago, I attended a day long retreat in an idyllic place nestled among woods and hills in the country with a small group of wonderful women.  One of the first things we did that day was to… Read More ›


In recent years, it has become popular to select a word to serve as a mantra, a reminder, or a motivator of sorts for the new year.  Amplified. Inspired. Courage.  These are a few words that some of my friends… Read More ›


At this point in the month, I usually can be found feeling somewhat stressed and exhausted, yet absolutely giddy with excitement.  I begin counting down the days, almost as soon as December begins, sometimes sooner.  As my anticipation increases, I… Read More ›