What’s in a Name 

I attribute my mastery of spelling, in part, to the fact that I have been spelling my first and last names almost since the moment I could speak. Despite the fact that my first name is much easier to pronounce… Read More ›

Gobble, Gobble

Although I am known for my gift of gab, and my person is known for his listening skills, this morning, we switched roles.  As he talked about some situations that continue to frustrate him, I listened attentively.  When he finished,… Read More ›


Being diagnosed with breast cancer has introduced my family, friends, and me to a slew of new medical terms and treatments.  We have had to be on our “A” game and become quick studies, with some being quicker than others. … Read More ›


Life has been far too serious lately, and this heaviness has seeped in the chats with my person.  Lately, we have been discussing life, death, and everything in between, and the discussion led to what we both wanted to accomplish… Read More ›

Be Advised

I am beginning to think that 2015 has been some sort of sick cosmic joke, where I am the punchline.  During an awkward conversation about relationships, I was left with this nugget of dating advice, “You just need to put… Read More ›

Traffic Jam

Commutes in large metropolitan areas are the stuff that urban legends are made of, as many people, including a friend of mine, can attest.  Long drives to and from work are the norm for him, and one of the ways… Read More ›

The Boob Job

Many people have that one person in their life who is different from everyone else.  Sometimes, what sets this person apart is positive.  Sometimes, it is negative.  Sometimes, it is just humorous. Irregardless of the hopes and dreams you have… Read More ›