Here’s the Rest of the Story, Day Two

Two days into the seven day black and white photo challenge, and I already was tweaking the rules.  Instead of posting the requisite one photo, I posted these two together.  I simply had to, and perhaps, the rest of the… Read More ›

Sunday Best

Donning my Sunday best to head out to the trails for a long overdue and much-needed run on this absolutely stunning morning. Moments like these, when I feel happy and content with my perfectly flawed self and my beautifully messy… Read More ›

Running to Stand Still

Sun shining. Breeze blowing. Lungs burning and gasping for air. Feet running and stumbling. Bandana flying. Sweat pouring. Happy tears flowing. Music surrounding me. The woods acting as a cathedral. Spirits soaring. Deer appearing and representing innocence and gentleness. Mud… Read More ›

Kentucky Rain

There’s something about curling up with a hot cup of a green tea on a rainy fall afternoon that makes me feel all the better, even on another sick day.  Let it rain . . .