Home, Sweet, Home

Locust Grove, Louisville, Kentucky This is the scene that greeted me this morning.  Good morning, Kentucky . . .

The Cave

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky I spent this afternoon in the company of my ex-husband and our two daughters more than 300 feet beneath the earth’s surface.  To some, this may sound like the storyline for a horror film or a dysfunctional… Read More ›

A Day in the Country

If you read yesterday’s post, “Gone Fishing”, this is the beautiful spot where the where our  outing took place.  We were only about 40 minutes outside of Louisville, but it felt like a world away.

In a Fog

This is the scene that greeted me on a cold Saturday morning in Kentucky.  While it is an ordinary pictures in almost every aspect, to me, it is nothing short of extraordinary by the mere presence of the fog.  There’s… Read More ›