Life Coaching

Two Ways to Elev8 Your Gratitude Journal

Elev8 Life Coaching In the mid-90s, I watched an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that focused on gratitude journals.  I don’t recall the specific details, other than Oprah was passionate about the power of writing in a gratitude journal.  Back then, I knew… Read More ›

Treat Yourself

Tomorrow night, some children wearing costumes, ranging from scary to sweet, will scatter across neighborhoods around the country in search of Halloween candy.  I remember waiting for dusk to arrive to set out on my own candy quest when I was… Read More ›


Normally, I shy away from posting pictures of myself, as I am much more comfortable sharing my words than I am my photos.  This picture, though, is more than an unfiltered shot of me, in my pajamas, no less.  It actually is… Read More ›

Q & A with KJ

While life coaching may seem like a relatively new field, it actually began in the 1980s. Depending on your age, the 1980s may seem like ancient history, or it may seem like a few years ago.  If my limited math skills… Read More ›