life lessons

The Year of Living Intentionally: Storytellers

I love stories and the people who are brave enough to tell them.  I find the truth to be far more fascinating than fiction, and some of the greatest lessons I have learned have come from stories told by people… Read More ›

The River

  I have written many times about the therapeutic drives that I take along River Road, but as I made this familiar drive this evening, it occurred to me that I never have written about the body of water for… Read More ›

Trail Blazer

After a busy day taking care of my two daughters, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and doing yard work, when I unexpectedly had a couple of hours to myself late this afternoon, I couldn’t get to the trails fast enough… Read More ›

My Birthday Girl

Special occasions and holidays usually leave me in a reflective mood, and my daughter’s birthday yesterday definitely gave me a very sweet reason to reflect on the past ten years of her life.  Like my first-born daughter, she is simply… Read More ›