Sophomore Slump

As the time drew nearer to take my oldest daughter back to college for her sophomore year, we began the typical preparations. Buying school supplies. Packing. Finalizing class schedules. Through this preparation period, I began to emotinoally prepare myself for… Read More ›

Flying Lessons

Earlier this summer, a pair of mourning doves took up residence in a well-constructed nest that had been vacated by its previous tenants last year. In real estate, location is everything, and these doves definitely picked a prime location. The… Read More ›


  When I was a little girl, we would serenade our mothers with the song, M-O-T-H-E-R, at our grade school’s Mother’s Day celebration. I remember singing with heartfelt and earnest enthusiasm to convey my love for my mom. It’s a… Read More ›

Senior Moments

Lately, I have been experiencing senior moments at a fast and furious rate, and I just want them to slow down, at least a bit.  Actually, I want them to slow down a lot.  These senior moments are completely unrelated to my fiftieth birthday… Read More ›

Firsts and Lasts

As my youngest daughter’s birthday approached, her usual excitement and enthusiasm suddenly were replaced with an uncharacteristic negativity and dread.  Like me, she wears her heart on her sleeve, so, I can always tell when dark emotions cloud her sunny… Read More ›

My Unsung Hero

Earlier this week, my oldest daughter celebrated her birthday, as she waded further into her teenage years.  Part of our family celebration included watching home movies of her and our younger daughter celebrating their respective birthdays over the years.  Watching… Read More ›


This week marks the beginning of another school year for my daughters.  While my youngest daughter is returning to the same elementary school she has attended since kindergarten, my oldest daughter will head off to high school.  Not just any… Read More ›