Short and Sweet

This evening finds me feeling so sleepy and lacking much motivation to write, so, I will keep this short, sweet, and to the point.  One of the many lessons that I have learned since embarking on this quest to do… Read More ›

Welcome Home

This Saturday found me being welcomed home and welcoming the two people I love most in the world home.  Both of these things reminded me that there really is no place like home. As I chronicled in an earlier blog… Read More ›


Given the inclement weather we seem to experience nearly every weekend, I am beginning to think that Sunday needs to be renamed ‘Rainday’, as it was another cold and rainy day here.  It may officially be spring, but it still… Read More ›

Meditate on This

Far and away, some of life’s sweetest moments are the ones that catch you completely off-guard and end up being memorable and, perhaps, even life changing.  Last night, my two daughters and I experienced such a moment together, and it… Read More ›